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From: Lloyd G. Rasmussen (lras@loc.gov)
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Just in case some of you are not subscribed to Blind-L or EASI, here's
a web page you might want to look at, and a contest to
participate in.
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It may not be the Publishers Sweepstakes, but EASI is announcing a contest with
10 monthly prizes. Yes, we have an agenda up our sleeves. We want to persuade
you to look at the materials on science, engineering and math access for
persons with disabilities that we have placed on the internet at our EASI web
site. One of the items on the EASI home page is:

EASI Street to Science, engineering and Math

For browsing this material and making a simple online, electronic submission,
you will be eligible for one of these prizes. Below is part of the online
explanation of the contest

   EASI Contest for October 1995 The EASI contest will give away 10
   prizes this month. First prize will be a copy of the two-hour-long
   videotape of the satellite telecast on adaptive computing produced by
   EASI and the Rochester Institute of Technology and broadcast on the
   PBS adult learning channel on May 18, 1995. The cost for the original
   downlink charged to registered institutions was $295. Second prize
   will be a free registration to the email-delivered workshop on
   adaptive computing sponsored by EASI and the Rochester Institute of
   Technology. Registration is worth $125. The eight remaining winners
   will receive a computer disk containing the entire INFORMATION
   TECHNOLOGY AND DISABILITIES journal since its first publication,
   January 1995 till the present. This will include the special issue on
   SEM (Science, engineering and math).

   To enter the EASI contest, you must explore the SEM materials on this
   web site, note the authors of any 3 articles (persons or
   organizations) and include them in the email submission that you must
   make from this contest page. These SEM materials are in the directory
   "EASI Street to Science, Engineering and Math."

   EASI's work to collect and disseminate up-to-date information about
   making sem disciplines more accessible to professionals with
   disabilities is supported by a grant from the National Science
   Foundation. We want you to look at our SEM materials and become aware
   of the cutting edge work that is being done in this field. We also
   appreciate your filling out a reader survey for us that is part of our
   NSF grant. If the SEM disciplines are made more accessible, other
   fields will automatically gain from this enhanced adatpive technology.
   If you have no interest in the SEM disciplines, please tell others you
   know about this work so that you can help us in getting out the news.

   Each month, during the duration of the contest, ten names will be
   selected from those who enter the contest using the email system
   below. The first winner will receive the videotape; the second the
   workshop registration and the remaining winners will receive disks
   with complete copies of Information Technology and Disabilities.

   EASI also appreciates your help in finding information about new SEM
   tools or tips to help in SEM teaching. Send information to Norman
   Coombs, Chair of EASI, at nrcgsh@rit.edu.

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