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                            ACTION ALERT FROM: James Gashel, Director of
Governmental Affairs
          National Federation of the Blind DATE: November 28, 1995 RE:
Next steps on linkage retention
     All members of the House Ways and Means Committee should now be
contacted immediately concerning the Social Security earnings limit
linkage issue. Each member should be asked to ensure that an increase in
the exempt amount for senior citizens also includes blind people.
     A vote by the Ways and Means Committee will likely occur at 10:00
a.m. on Thursday, November 30, 1995. The earnings limit bill, H.R. 2668,
will be voted on in the Social Security Sub-Committee this afternoon,
November 28, 1995. Mrs. Kennelly will offer her amendment at that time.
However, further action specifically on the linkage retention issue will
likely occur in the full Committee on Thursday.
     A list of the Ways and Means Committee members, staff contacts, and
fax numbers follows. The list behind that shows those who have indicated
support for a linkage amendment. Nineteen "yes" votes are needed to pass
an amendment if necessary. Fourteen of the members have declared their
support in writing. Seven more have given us some indication of their
     Contacts with members of the full Committee must be initiated now!!
Please provide me with likely vote information, especially if it would
change our assumed level of support, one way or another.
     Thanks to all.
NUMBERS MAJORITY Bill Archer, TX Don Carlson (202) 225-4381 Philip Crane,
IL Kirt Johnson (202) 225-7830 William Thomas, CA Bob Winters (202)
225-2908 Clay Shaw, FL George E. Cox, III (202) 225-8398 Nancy Johnson, CT
Kate Sullivan (202) 225-4488 Jim Bunning, KY Jon Deuser (202) 225-0003 Amo
Houghton, NY Marijo Gorney (202) 225-5574 Wally Herger, CA Timothy Urban
(202) 225-3245 Jim McCrery, LA Heather Hanson (202) 225-8039 Mel Hancock,
MO Doug Miskew (202) 225-7700 Dave Camp, MI Matt Lowe (202) 225-9679 Jim
Ramstad, MN Lisa Gilbertson (202) 225-6351 Dick Zimmer, NJ Kathleen
O'Leary (202) 225-9181 Jim Nussle, IA Rich Meade (202) 225-9129 Sam
Johnson, TX Michael Hanson (202) 225-1485 Jennifer Dunn, WA T. J. Petrizzo
(202) 225-8673 Mac Collins, GA Bo Bryant (202) 225-2515 Rob Portman, OH
Wayne Lippert (202) 225-1992 Greg Laughlin, TX Stephen Swan (202) 225-1108
Phil English, PA Karen McGee N/A John Ensign, NV Scott Bensing (202)
225-3119 Jon Christensen, NE Mark Fahleson (202) 225-3032 MINORITY Sam
Gibbons, FL Sue Taylor N/A Charles Rangel, NY Jim Griffin (202) 225-0816
Pete Stark, CA Katie Horton (202) 226-3805 Andrew Jacobs, IN Sandy Wise
(202) 225-5680 Harold Ford, TN Karen Franklin (202) 225-9215 Robert
Matsui, CA Cynthia Johnson (202) 225-0566 Barbara Kennelly, CT Adam Rak
(202) 225-1031 William Coyne, PA Amy Reed (202) 225-1844 Sander Levin, MI
Craig Kramer (202) 226-1033 Benjamin Cardin, MD Christopher Lynch (202)
225-9219 Jim McDermott, WA Emily Mao N/A Gerald Kleczka, WI Win
Boerckel/Janet Brown (202) 225-8135 John Lewis, GA George Dusenbury (202)
225-0351 L. F. Payne, VA Courtenay McKinnon (202) 226-1147 Richard Neal,
MA Kathleen Sullivan or Ann Brozek (202) 225-8112
                         104th CONGRESS
                       (in ranking order) Note: There are 37 members on
the House Ways and Means Committee. The 14 members marked with two **
have declared in writing their support for linkage retention. The 7
members marked with single * have indicated support. 19 "yes" votes for
linkage would make a majority. The address for each of the following
members is as follows: Member Name United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515 MAJORITY MEMBERS:
  Rep. Bill Archer, TX
  Chairman * Rep. Philip M. Crane IL * Rep. Bill Thomas CA
  Rep. E. Clay Shaw FL **Rep. Nancy L. Johnson CT
  Rep. Jim Bunning KY * Rep. Amo Houghton NY * Rep. Wally Herger CA
  Rep. Jim McCrery LA
  Rep. Mel Hancock MO
  Rep. Dave Camp MI
  Rep. Jim Ramstad MN **Rep. Dick Zimmer NJ
  Rep. Jim Nussle IA
  Rep. Sam Johnson TX **Rep. Jennifer Dunn WA
  Rep. Mac Collins GA
  Rep. Rob Portman OH **Rep. Greg Laughlin TX
  Rep. Phil English PA
  Rep. John Ensign NV
  Rep. Jon Christensen NE
  MINORITY MEMBERS: * Rep. Sam M. Gibbons FL
  Ranking Minority Member **Rep. Charles B. Rangel NY
  Rep. Pete Stark CA **Rep. Andrew Jacobs IN * Rep. Harold E. Ford TN *
Rep. Robert T. Matsui CA **Rep. Barbara B. Kennelly CT **Rep. William J.
Coyne PA **Rep. Sander M. Levin MI
  Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin MD **Rep. Jim McDermott WA **Rep. Gerald D.
Kleczka WI **Rep. John Lewis GA **Rep. L. F. Payne VA * Rep. Richard E.
Neal MA

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