Date: Mon Dec 11 1995 - 13:41:42 PST

I recently had my name added to the NFB Science & Engineering mailing list.
 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is
Matthew White and I graduated last spring from Lafayette College with a B.S.
degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been legally blind since birth as a
result of congenital cataracts, however with both contacts and eye glasses I
have significant vision in one eye at close range. I was extremely pleased
to learn about this group. The other purpose of this note is to request help
in finding employment. Since the beginning of my senior year, I have been
aggressively seeking employment. Unfortunately the results are not
proportional to the effort. If anyone could give my any help with contacts,
leads, interviewing tips, helpful services, etc., I would appreciate it
greatly. My e-mail address is Thank you in advance and I
look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew White

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