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From: robertj@tekgen.BV.TEK.COM
Date: Mon Dec 11 1995 - 19:16:18 PST

Hello Matthew:

     Getting a job in an area where people think a blind person cannot
possibly perform is always tough. I suggest you call the Job Opportunities
for the Blind (JOB) at 1-800-638-7518. The JOB bulletin has lots of tips and

     Whenever I talk to people who want jobs, I always tell them that they
need a portfolio of what they have done. In your case, this would include
a detailed description of your senior project, pictures of things you have
designed and built and descriptions of any volunteer activities you
participate in. I am reminded of an incident I heard of on the TV series
Connections. Lord Hargraves was interviewing millrights. One applicant he
interviewed looked unsuitable until Lord Hargraves picked up his hat.
The hat it turns out was made of wood. The applicant had built a machine that
could carve eliptical objects from wood. Lord Hargraves changed his mind
about the applicant and hired him immediately.

     The best engineers I know are the ones who can not only design, but who
can build. I knew a EE enginering student who had received his masters
degree. This guy went to a firm in the area and tried to get a job.
The company brought him circuit boards and made available various pieces of
test equipment. The engineer was unable to troubleshoot thecircuits
and the last I heard was selling tires.
When I applied for a job, I had in hand a working knowledge of two
microprocessors then in high demand in the industry. I also had written a
cross assembler and cross compiler. When I interviewed, I showed the printouts
of the programs and explained in detail how they worked. When I was in my
senior year, I had seven or eight interviews. I ended up with two offers from
two of the nation's leading companies. I hope this has been of help.

        Robert Jaquiss

National Federation of the Blind
Science and Engineering Division
Research and Development Committee


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