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     I just saw the following job announcement from Caere and thought I would
pass it on.

        Robert Jaquiss

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! with
Caere Corporation,
a leader in document recognition and management software

Work with a top team to solve some of the most challenging problems in
automated document processing. If you are turned on by developing
state-of-the-art software to provide the technologies of the future,
eager to
work with other talented engineers in a fast-paced product environment,
then Caere may be the place for you.

Caere is the industry leader in optical character recognition (OCR)
and a leading provider of intelligent document management, forms
processing, and image recognition technologies. Caere's mission is to
simplify the way people gather, access and use information.

Caere is now interviewing for several R&D SOFTWARE ENGINEERS,
working with the R&D group, to design, implement, and
productize the next generation of document recognition and management
software. The Core Tech culture emphasizes teamwork, enthusiasm and
mutual respect. The environment is product-oriented, as opposed to pure

**Job Requirements**

- Excellent problem-solving skills
- Strong hands-on programming skills, with at
least 2 years C experience
- At least the equivalent of a Masters in C.S., E.E.,
Statistics, Math, or Physics
- Strong skills/aptitude in the following areas:

        - Designing complex software algorithms, applying
        scientific/statistical, methodology comprehending and building
        upon complex pre-existing software systems
        - Software design methodology
        - Memory management and speed optimization
        - Professional craftsmanship
        - Task commitment

++Pluses include:++

- commercial software development experience,
- C++, pattern recognition, image processing, speech,
neural networks, natural language processing

**Salary Range:**

Depends on experience level

Caere is also interviewing for a SOFTWARE ENGINEER to
work with its R&D group, turning laboratory
prototypes into state-of-the-art software products.

**Job Requirements**

- At least 2 years C experience
- B.A. in C.S. or E.E., or equivalent
- Strong problem-solving skills
- Strong hands-on, industrial-strength programming skills
- Strong skills in software design methodology
- Professional craftsmanship and task commitment
- Strong skills/aptitude in memory management and speed
optimization of complex software systems
- Team player; quick learner

++Pluses include:++

- Multi-platform experience;
- C++;
- Experience/aptitude for designing complex software algorithms
- Experience/aptitude in statistics


If your interests and skills match our needs, then
please send your resume to:

Dave Barlow
fax: 408-395-5263
Caere Corp.
100 Cooper Ct.
Los Gatos, CA 95030

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