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Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 20:33:00 PST

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 19:50:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Richard Ring <>
Subject: Mesage from Mr. Gashel


TO: potential commenters

FROM: James Gashel, Director of Governmental Affairs, National
Federation of the Blind

DATE: February 19, 1996

RE: Comments on Vocational Rehabilitation Regulations

     This notice concerns the proposed rules for the vocational
rehabilitation program which have been published by the
Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). The final rule
which results from this process will implement the Rehabilitation
Act Amendments of 1992, including the important provisions for
informed choice. Therefore, the precise language of the final
rule is absolutely critical to our objectives for the future of
the vocational rehabilitation program.

     the consistent presentation of comments by numerous
individuals from around the country will make a difference in the
final outcome. Comments on the proposed rules are being
requested. The information below indicates how written comments
should be sent to RSA on or before the closing date, February 23,

ADDRESSES: All comments concerning these proposed regulations
should be addressed to Fredric K. Schroeder, U.S. Department of
Education, 600 Independence Avenue SW., Room 3028, Mary E.
Switzer Building, Washington, D.C. 20202-2531. Comments
transmitted by facsimile should be sent to (202) 205-9772.
Comments can be transmitted in an electronic format either
through the electronic bulletin board system (BBS) of the
Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) or through internet.
The internet address is ``''. The access number
for the RSA BBS is (202) 205-5574 for low speed (2400 BPS or
lower) modems and (202) 205-6174 for high speed (9600 BPS and
higher) modems. Comments can also be transmitted to the RSA BBS
through Fedworld via internet using the telnet command. Telnet
to: ``''. All comments transmitted in an electronic
format should be sent to the following RSA BBS mailbox:
``RSADPPES''. To facilitate the analysis of comments,
electronic transmission of comments is preferred. Also, comments
should be specific and identified by proposed regulatory
citation. Comments received by RSA after the due date for
comments will not be considered.

     The comments of the NFB have been prepared in draft form.
Interested individuals are encouraged to
provide similar comments. Therefore, anyone who receives this
notice should feel free to echo the recommendations and add the
strength of individual experiences and facts.

     The NFB's draft comment is available on our bbs. The text
of RSA's proposed rule will also be found in the file, following
the draft comment. The text of the proposed rule includes an
extensive preamble.
The actual language of the proposed rule follows the preamble.
The comments made in the NFB draft refer to the precise language
of the proposed rule and not to the preamble. Potential
commenters may want to read the draft comment of the NFB and the
RSA proposed rule side by side to see how our recommended
replacement language would fit in.

     The NFB bulletin board can be reached by calling (612) 696-
1975. The file containing the draft comment and RSA's proposed
rules will be found in file area 1. The file name is

Richard Ring
Director International Braille & Technology center for the blind

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