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This may be of interest to those attending CSUN:

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This is being cross posted, please excuse any duplication.

The Adaptive Technologists in Higher Education professional group will
hold an initial formation meeting at the "Technology and Persons With
Disabilities" (usually referred to as CSUN) conference. This meeting is
being conducted by James Bailey, Adaptive Technology Access Advisor from
the University of Oregon.

Meeting time: Wednesday, March 20, 1996 from 7 - 9 pm.

Meeting place: Executive Suite I, in the Marriott Hotel

Meeting Agenda

While these topics will need to be discussed, there is flexibility in
adding additional topics at the meeting. If you plan to attend, please
give some thought to the following items.

1. What should the main purpose of this group be?

2. What is "assistive technology" in higher education?

3. Discussion of the various delivery models.

4. Where should the adaptive tech person be housed?

5. To what extent does the adaptive tech person set policy?

6. Last item, creation of the "founding members" committee who
will proceed with the formation of the group post CSUN.

A summary of this meeting will be posted at
about 14 days after CSUN.

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