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Subject: Social Security Alert



     Cosponsors in the Senate are urgently needed in order to
prepare for floor action on the Bingaman amendment. Senator
Bingaman has circulated a "Dear Colleague" letter asking for
cosponsors. The letter, dated March 18, 1996, should have been
received in all Senate offices by now. Wayne Propst in Senator
Bingaman's office will provide additional copies, if necessary,
upon request. His telephone number is (202) 224-5521.

     All of us need to urge Senators to cosponsor the Bingaman
amendment. Check the NFB'S web site at under
"National Legislation" for Senators' phone numbers, fax numbers,
and e-mail addresses. Timely action is critical! Contacts must
be initiated immediately!!

     For cost reasons only, the Bingaman amendment is not a
permanent linkage of the earnings limits. However, it is better
than losing the linkage immediately. Also, it keeps us in the
"ball game" on earnings limit adjustments (so to speak) for
several years.

     With things being what they are in Congress, just about
anything could happen at this point. For example, consideration
is being given to attaching the earnings limit change to the
must-pass debt ceiling bill. This would mean that S. 1470 (the
earnings limit bill itself) would not be considered as a
freestanding measure. Whatever happens, however, you can be sure
that a large number of cosponsors for the Bingaman amendment will
help. Therefore, let's do our work.

     For those of you who receive confirmation that a Senator
will become a cosponsor, please inform me of that fact. This
will help to develop a cosponsor list that is both large and

     Thanks to all.

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