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Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 08:54:22 PDT

>I saw this message, and I think we should send this teacher some
>encouraging E-Mail. We could set her up with a list member as a mentor.
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>> To When It May Concern,
>> I am a vision teacher of a gifted, blind 7th grade student, who is
>> seriously interested in a career in physics or the space program. I am
>> looking for a visually impaired person who has a career these fields, who
>> can be a mentor for this student. This student, (and myself), have many
>> questions about how to handle the math and visual science demands she
>> will need to adapt. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Tina Hertzog
>> Governor Mifflin School District
>> Reading, Pennsylvania

This is a good find.
I am delighted to answer this student's questions
and 3 people come to mind who could act as a mentor.

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