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From: Abraham Nemeth 356-5353 (
Date: Tue May 21 1996 - 15:44:58 PDT

From: Abraham Nemeth
To: braille users in the blindness community
Subject: a grass roots committee is forming
Date3 May 4, 1996

     This is an invitation to join a grass roots committee that
we have recently formed. Its official birthday is February 19,
1996. Our subscribers are mostly people who have become disenchanted
with the direction that the Unified Braille Code (UBC) has taken
and with the methods that its proponents have used to suppress
dissident opinions. But, we still sincerely believe that there is
a need and a way to develop a uniform braille code.

     Our mission is to develop an alternative code, based on dropped
numbers, that will be far more usable than the UBC, limited as
it is by its self-imposed adherence to the use of upper numbers.

     No permission is required to become a subscriber. Everyone is
welcome, whether his intention is to be a participant, a critic,
an observer, an eavesdropper or any other motive he might have.
To subscribe, send an e-mail message to the following host:

Ignore the subject line and enter the following one-line message:

     subscribe brl_zylx

The first part of the List name is self-explanatory, but the
part that follows the underscore is somewhat arcane. I take full
responsibility for advocating it; it is bad Grade 2 braille for
"as you like it." Should you ever wish to leave the List, follow the
procedure as given above, replacing "subscribe" by "unsubscribe."

     As soon as you have subscribed, you will be added to the list,
no questions asked. Once you are a subscriber, you may send messages

     Any message you send will be distributed to all the members of
the List, including you. When you have subscribed, you will receive
relevant information concerning the mechanism by which our committee
functions, a statement of mission and purpose, and perhaps copies of
some recent important postings. Please join us and help us to
advance the cause of braille.

Abraham Nemeth, Ph.D.20764 Knob Woods Drive, Apt. 201
Southfield, MI 48076
Phone: (810) 356-5353


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