From: Brian Buhrow (
Date: Tue Jul 16 1996 - 20:10:02 PDT

        Hello friends and members. Please distribute the following announcement
as widely as you see fit.

        The National Federation of the Blind and the National Center for the Blind
are proud to announce the availability of the Braille Monitor via
electronic mail. Now, you may receive an electronic copy of this
established publication in your e-mail box every month. Instructions are

        to receive a monthly subscription of the Braille Monitor via electronic
mail follow the following stets:

1. Send an electronic message containing the line:
subscribe brl-monitor <your name>

Be sure to replace <your name> with your full name. Also, be sure to
send your subscription request from the e-mail address where you wish to
receive the electronic text. (The software uses your return e-mail address
as the destination address of the Braille Monitor for you each month.)

2. Once you have sent this request and the software has entered you into
the mailing list, you will receive an acknowledgement stating that you have
been added to the list and welcoming you aboard.

        Once you are subscribed, you will receive an electronic copy of the
Braille Monitor each month. No other messages will come from this list.
If you attempt to reply to the messages containing the Braille Monitor,
your replies will be thrown into the bit bucket and ignored. If you wish
to communicate with the national headquarters, send e-mail to:
or telephone:
If you wish to communicate with the administrator of the
electronic distribution software, send e-mail to:

        To remove yourself from the electronic distribution list of the Braille
Monitor, or to change the location where you are receiving the publication,
follow the steps below:

1. Send a message containing the line:
signoff brl-monitor <your name>

Be sure to send it from the location where you are currently receiving the
Braille Monitor.

        When the electronic distribution software has removed you from the list, it
will send you an acknowledgement, confirming that you have indeed signed
off the list.

2. If you want to change the location where you are receiving the Braille
Monitor, follow step one above for removing yourself from the list, then
follow the steps on adding yourself to the list again, making sure you send
the subscription request from your new e-mail stop.

        Because I, the software administrator, don't have a lot of time to chase
down non-working e-mail addresses, I will boot any e-mail address off the
list permanently which bounces more than once in a three month period.
This should help prevent transient failures which might cause your e-mail
to bounce once every few months from causing you to be dropped from the
list. If you find that you have been dropped from the list,
feel free to re-subscribe, using the instructions provided above.

        If you have any questions about the list, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, or
want to say something about the distribution mechanism, feel free to send
mail to:

        We hope you enjoy this latest method of access to the periodical of the
organization that's changing what it means to be blind, the National
Federation of the Blind.

Brian Buhrow <>

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