Re: Self-introduction & pointers to some information sources

From: John Miller (
Date: Wed Jul 31 1996 - 08:20:08 PDT

I am glad you are following the industry's electronic math notation standards.
I know that latex or Microsoft Word for the MAC to Nemeth Braille Code
would be of immense value to me. Latex is the standard for academia.
I read y first DSP book in latex. Authors of engineering texts usually
have the source in latex and this in large part is how I got my schooling.
I used latex or Nemeth braille code cleaned up by transcribers from latex.
It has frequently been the case that I pay $7.50 per print page to transcribe
a Microsoft Word document into Nemeth Braille Code. I have the
electronic copy here at my company, but no way to get at the math in the
document and some limited funds for transcribers to braille from the print page.

My point about software documents on the web in HTML is that we have
an unpresidented opportunity to access documentation with the same ease as our
sighted coworkers. The dumb way I was downloading the information
was page by page with Adobe acrobat into ASCII text. How can I grab
the entire HTML file and get it on my DOS machine where Duxbury can get at it?
Can UNIX lynx help here?

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