Vocal WWW Browsing

From: Dave (helkenn@linkabit.titan.com)
Date: Wed Jul 31 1996 - 08:34:17 PDT

    Can anyone provide me with information about a product to browse the net
vocally? I also have some tutorials on various subjects that use a web
browser on one's machine, bypassing the net altogether. I'd like to be able
to hear the lessons.
   I use an IBM-pc running DOS 6.22. I also am learning to use GW Micro's
Window-Eyes 1.04; and, being a novee on these matters, can probably use
Window-Eyes and just don't realize it yet! My guess is that someone has
already figured out how to navigate around web pages, html files, files
using sgml, etc. using vocal output. Thanks for your help.

e-mail: helkenn@linkabit.titan.com

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