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From: Brian Buhrow (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 06:53:12 PDT

        Hi Angela. I will try to answer your question here, but if you have
further questions, perhaps we should take up private e-mail discussions.
You may have sent me a personal note a while back to which I didn't
respond. My apologies for this.
        The message you are getting indicates that the program "gcc" is not in your
command path. This is either because the program is not installed on your
system, or it is because it is in a directory into which you are not
looking. You probably have a couple of choices on this matter.
1. You could mail root on your system and ask where gcc is installed, or
even if it is installed.
2. You might try typing: "cc"
at your prompt and hitting return. If you get a message like: "no input
files specified", then edit your Makefile to use cc rather than gcc. You
should see a line of the form:
Change everything after the "=" sign to be just "cc".
3. If you mail me and tell me what kind of system you are on, I might be
able to build binaries for you which you can just run.

Hope this helps.
-Brian <>

On Jul 31, 7:28am, Angela Matney wrote:
} Subject: Introduction and a Question
} Hello,
} I'd like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Angela Matney,
} and I'm a rising senior at Washington and Lee University in Lexington,
} Virginia, where I'm majoring in mathematics. I plan to continue my
} studies at the graduate level.
} I've been a member of the National Federation of the Blind for over
} three years now, and the organization has changed my life. I'm very
} much looking forward to observing and participating in the discussion
} generated by this group.
} And now, as the subject header implies, I have a question which is
} probably somewhat off-topic, and for that I apologize. I'm attempting
} to compile NFBTrans version 7.46 on my UNIX account, but I keep
} receiving the following error message:
} gcc
} -O
} -c nfbtrans.c -o nfbtrans.o
} make: gcc
} : Command not found
} make: *** [nfbtrans.o] Error 127
} I'm unable to find the problem. I know a little about UNIX, but
} apparently it isn't enough! If someone could mail me privately, I'd
} be extremely grateful.
} Thanks in advance.
} Angela Matney
>-- End of excerpt from Angela Matney

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