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Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 06:53:56 PDT

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996 18:12:03 -0700,
Dave <> wrote:

> Can anyone provide me with information about a product to browse the net
>vocally? I also have some tutorials on various subjects that use a web
>browser on one's machine, bypassing the net altogether. I'd like to be able
>to hear the lessons.
> I use an IBM-pc running DOS 6.22. I also am learning to use GW Micro's
>Window-Eyes 1.04; and, being a novee on these matters, can probably use
>Window-Eyes and just don't realize it yet! My guess is that someone has
>already figured out how to navigate around web pages, html files, files
>using sgml, etc. using vocal output. Thanks for your help.

As Dave Schleppenbach has said, PW Webspeak is one talking Windows
program that could be used. It is now in beta, and after a flurry of
bug reports from users, I don't know how well it is doing. More info
from Productivity Works,, or from Arkenstone,

I use Window-Eyes 1.04 with the Spry Mosaic web browser, and now have
this combination working with the Realaudio and Voxware low-bitrate
audio helper applications. GW Micro has SET files for Netscape and
Window-Eyes, and others have used Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0. I
think we all have problems filling out forms, which is becoming more
and more important on the Web. I didn't do much to Window-Eyes to
make it work with Spry Mosaic, except to set up hotkeys to jump from
one link to the next, and to name the mouse pointer shapes that
tell you whether you are or are not on a link. I still need to set up
a window for reading the URL of the link I am pointing at, and the
status of the current download.

I think the best text access to the WWW is still provided by Lynx (not
DOS-Lynx) running through a shell account and a telnet or
communications program. Lynx is fast, reliable, used by a lot of
die-hard users, and is still under development to handle the quirky
HTML that is coming out on the net. It handles forms much better, and
enables you to print or mail the rendered or the source version of a
web page. The current Lynx version is 2.5, and 2.6 should be released
within the next month. I have Vocal-Eyes SET files for Lynx if anyone
wants them.

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