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Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 07:04:30 PDT

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996 18:11:59 -0700,
John Miller <> wrote:

>My point about software documents on the web in HTML is that we have
>an unpresidented opportunity to access documentation with the same ease as our
>sighted coworkers. The dumb way I was downloading the information
>was page by page with Adobe acrobat into ASCII text. How can I grab
>the entire HTML file and get it on my DOS machine where Duxbury can get at it?
>Can UNIX lynx help here?

It depends on whether the file is in HTML or in PDF. When you are
displaying a web page (which is an HTML file) in Lynx, hit the
backslash key and you are switch to the HTML source code. You can
then hit the P key for Print the file, and Lynx gives you the option,
depending on how it was compiled, of printing to a local file or
mailing the file, or perhaps downloading it.

The file may be a page, a section, a chapter, or the whole book;
usually people limit the size of their HTML files to 10 to 50 K.

Math was part of the HTML 3.0 DTD, but 3.0 was abandoned in February,
and some of its features will be incorporated in versions after 3.2.
The best person to tell you how the math is coming is T.V. Raman.

Did you ever get that DSP book finished which you were talking about
last fall?

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