importance of LaTex and desirable software

From: Neil Graham (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 12:58:03 PDT

Hi Listers:

Thought I'd add to John Miller's comments on the importance of LaTex,
especially to students. I'm only an undergraduate, but so far I've
procured two complete textbooks, two or three sets of course notes, and
countless handouts, assignments, tests and even a couple of exams in
LaTex. A LaTex to Nemeth translator would be, for me at least,
indispensable; although it's readable stuff, Nemeth code is many times
more compact and thus many times more efficient than LaTex.

Another direction in which I think effort could profitably be expended is
in the development of a Nemeth code to print translator. Raised Dot
Computing had such a utility, called Mathematix, which ran on the Apple
II; although the platform was horrible, there was certainly nothing wrong
with the software. As far as I know, they never ported this program over
to any other platform, and no other company's tried their hand at this.
This is much to be lamented, since, as John Miller has written, to be
successful a blind person must be able to present pretty-looking print to
sighted coworkers/professors.

I'm always surprised to see a potential market unserved!


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