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From: David Schleppenbach (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 02:39:49 PDT

Dear Dr. Nemeth,
        Good to read your posting on the NFB SEM list-serve. Sorry that
I haven't gotten back to you for a while; I've been trying to finish up
my Master's research.
        I really need to get on the "grass roots" group that you started
so I can keep up to date on Nemeth code. But, I have lost the
information that tells me how to join up! (We have recently moved to
another room in the Chemistry building, and all has been in disarray).
Could you sign me up, or send me instructions on how to do so?
        I had a really great visit with Joe Sullivan last week. Duxbury
is going to lisence and distribute our Nemeth program, as well as let us
help them program the next version of Duxbury. Our plan for version 2.0
of the macro, which we are working furiously on, is to include support
for LaTex and the Microsoft Word equation editor. Aslo, I'd like to have
an option for "regular Nemeth" or "the new improved Nemeth" for the type
of code produced, along with perhaps UBC and/or GS. That will
effectively eliminate us from the political arena, as people can use
whatever they want for output. Of course, we'll do the Nemeth stuff
first, since we are most familiar with it.
        Which brings me to: documentation. I'd really like to send Wunji
up to visit with you and Edna a few weekends next summer. Wunji is a
terrific writer and I'd like to write down a lot of things about your
code and your life. Specifically, I'd like Wunji to help publish a book
including the rules of the "new Nemeth code", perhaps as part of the book
we are already working on. Also, I'd like him to write (together with
your help) your biography, with a chapter reserved just for your jokes.
Wunji and I are really excited about the possibility. I'm thinking that
he could visit for 3 or 4 weekends, drving up to Detroit and staying a
few nights in a hotel, spending his days with you and Edna, and driving
back to Purdue. I'll of course pay for the whole thing; we just need
your approval and time set aside. We could do it any other way that
suits you - I'm just very interested in getting everything written down,
and out to people, because you have a very interesting code and a very
interesting life (not to mention the jokes). By the way, I told Joe the
joke about the UN translator waiting for the verb when translating German
but he had already heard it from you. I just don't have the same knack
for timing and delivery that you do. Oh, well, I won't quit my day job.
        We are also working with Repro-Troniks (the company that makes
the image enhancer) to distribute our curricula packets for sciecne and
math. Duxbury is distributing our fonts that teach sighted people
Braille and blind people raised print. I am working with John Miller on
a raised print book that will teach blind mathematicians how to read
raised print. Of course, we are using many examples from the Nemeth
book, together with some of our own. You may be interested in this. Our
pin matrix is coming along nicely - Jeff is getting the plates machined
and starting to assemble it.
        It's nice to get back in touch. I'll try to update you more
frequently now that my research is cleared up. Please let me know what
we can do to help you, and if you are interested in Wujni's visit. Say
hi to your wife from all of us.

Dave Schleppenbach, VISIONS Lab Director
Purdue University Department of Chemsitry
1393 BRWN Box # 725
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(317) 496-2856 phone
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