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Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 08:42:02 PDT writes:
> I could, for example, tell the synthesizer to read the following words
> as phonetically spelled pronunciations???
> cjne conditional jump if not equal
> djnz decrement and jump if not equal
> cmp compare
The system I used when doing extensive assembly-language work -- an old
MCS ITS system which I still have at work -- had the ability to handle
user pronunciation dictionaries. I always thought, however, that trying
to get correct pronunciation of assembly-language mnemonics was more
trouble than it was worth -- especially since DEC-10 Macro
Assembly-language had a slew of them and in order to get them all
pronounced correctly, the user dictionary would have been sufficiently
long to slow the system down. So I just got used to the oddpronunciation
of things likt TLNE (test left against mask, don't reset any bits, skip if
none of the mask bits in the left half-word are set) or HRLZI (half
right-to-left immediate, zero the other half-word) etc. etc. <grin>. One
soon gets used to the synthesizer's rules and forgets that what's being
spoken doesn't make English sense and just translates the gibberish into
assembly-language automatically. Sorta blows the mind of anyone
listening, though!

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