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From: edmund.meskys@gsel.org
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 09:22:47 PDT

  First, an intro. I am Ed Meskys of the NFB of NH, have a MS in physics and
taught in a small college until it closed. Now I only do occassional individual
tutoring. I have been blind for 25 years and in the NFB for 1 years.
  I hope I am getting to the whole S&E list by doing a reply to the last
message from Galadrial at Lothlorian.
  Anyhow, does anyone have a working phone number for Technology for
Independence? I have in my database 800-331-8255 but a machine comes on saying
it is not in service. I tried directory assistance. They had no entry for Tech
for Ind, but did have one for Mynah in Charlestown. That was 617-242-7007. When
I tried it I got silence after pickup, and then a dialtone after about 5
seconds. Is this a computer or fax number? Anyhow, I needed to order
replacement batteries for my Talkman and ask whether I can make replacements by
putting a band of aluminum foil around a NiCd double A?
  Ed Meskys
  RR #2 Box 63
  Center Harbor NH 03226-9708
  In one week I am off for Anaheim again for the World Science Fiction
  Ed Meskys

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