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From: Rich Ring (
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 06:47:50 PDT

At 9:50 EDT on 08/13/96 I dialed the number for TFI engineering
(617)242-7007 and got a live human being.

The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect
those of my employer, the National Federation of the Blind.
Rich Ring

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996 wrote:

> Hi,
> First, an intro. I am Ed Meskys of the NFB of NH, have a MS in physics and
> taught in a small college until it closed. Now I only do occassional individual
> tutoring. I have been blind for 25 years and in the NFB for 1 years.
> I hope I am getting to the whole S&E list by doing a reply to the last
> message from Galadrial at Lothlorian.
> Anyhow, does anyone have a working phone number for Technology for
> Independence? I have in my database 800-331-8255 but a machine comes on saying
> it is not in service. I tried directory assistance. They had no entry for Tech
> for Ind, but did have one for Mynah in Charlestown. That was 617-242-7007. When
> I tried it I got silence after pickup, and then a dialtone after about 5
> seconds. Is this a computer or fax number? Anyhow, I needed to order
> replacement batteries for my Talkman and ask whether I can make replacements by
> putting a band of aluminum foil around a NiCd double A?
> Thanks
> Ed Meskys
> RR #2 Box 63
> Center Harbor NH 03226-9708
> 603-253-6207.
> In one week I am off for Anaheim again for the World Science Fiction
> Convention.
> Thanks,
> Ed Meskys

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