Re: the issue of books.

From: John Miller (
Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 08:42:37 PDT

I applaud your resourcefulness of writing to author's for electronic texts.
It has worked for me for latex textbooks and I hope you have
success with your favorite fiction writer.
Keep me posted on your collection.
I may want to "borrow" some of your books.

The one problem I have encountered is that author's manuscripts
aren't finished works. The page numbering is different,
if it is technical, the book has many errors not in the
published copy, and paragraphs are switched around, in short, the
author keeps a rough draft, and nothing more.
I'll take a rough draft over nothing any day!

Robert Jaquiss knows something about what is available on CD.
Perhaps he could give us a report?

Joel I like your ideas. We need to teach publishers what we want and what we
are willing to pay. There is an electronic text listserv somewhere's
about and Curtis Chong, I think, has been keeping track of the problem
for state textbooks in the braille bill states.
BTW, when the copywright law passes moving away from
copywright permission for the blind on a book for book basis,
I believe we will see a huge streamlining of obtaining books.

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