Jim Willows Hospitalized

From: Bryan Bashin (bashin@calweb.com)
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 16:13:18 PDT


NFB of California President Jim Willows last Sunday suffered a
sudden ruptured aneurism in an abdominal vein and was rushed to the
hospital, says his wife Mary Willows.

Aneurisms of this type can be fatal 80 percent of the time if not
treated immediately. Luckily Jim recieved emergency surgery and
pulled through despite the loss of more than two liters of blood.

The aneurism, located in his lower abdomen, was repaired and now
Jim must clear some major post-operative dangers before leaving
intensive care, expected at the end of this week. At present he is
still listed in critical condition.

After the surgery, Jim was responsive to questions and resting

His wife Mary requests that people not send flowers or packages to
Pleasanton's Valley Care Hospital. Rather, she says that Jim would
be heartened to recieve personal notes or cassettes mailed to his
home address, 3934 Kern Court, Pleasanton, California, 94588-4428.
Additionally, after he returns home, Jim would be happy to read
everyone's e-mail get-well wishes. His e-mail address is

Until his release home, Mr. Willows, a regular reader of this
internet mailing list, will be unable to reply to the discussions
here, as he has done for years.

During Jim's hospitalization, people with business with the NFB of
California should contact First Vice-President Donovan Cooper at
(818) 845-4609. NFB of California Treasurer Nick Medina may also be
reached at (510) 674-9393 for additional assistance.

Watch this space for periodic postings on Jim Willows' recovery.
He will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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