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Subject: Re: help : teaching Mathematics to visually impaired individuals?
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I am a blind software engineer. I think you're on the right track.
Ask your student what he/she needs. Try to be as verbal as possible
without slowing down your class too much, such as saying the formula
as you are writing it. If it takes too much time to say what's on the
board, your student could get a copy of someone else's notes, or
sometimes bring a hired "reader" to take notes. If you have a printed
version of your notes he/she might be able to get it read. You may
need to spend some time out of class going over parts of the material
he/she missed in class, or he/she may need to hire a tutor if a reader
isn't enough. I prefer verbal descriptions over tactile drawings, but
some like drawings for some spatial things. There is a tool called a
Sewell Raised Line sDrawing board or something like that, which allows
one to draw raised lines on 8.5x11 sheets of plastic. It can be
rather frustrating to use, but it does exist. People sometimes use
magnetic rubber and magnetic wire on a sheet of metal to make drawings

The adaptations needed by your student should be primarily the
responsibility of your student. With your cooperation and your
student's knowledge of alternative techniques he/she should have a
very good class.

Hope this helps.
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