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     I saw the following article in the deaf-blind list. I am reposting
it as it should be of interest.

        Robert Jaquiss

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Subject: IEE Colloquium - Tactile Displays
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IEE Colloquium, 23 January, 1997

Tactile displays have for a long time been the domain of
developments for the
visually impaired. Whilst this is still important, in recent years the
field has
expanded to include potential uses in virtual reality. The idea of
being able to send
and receive the sensation of touch, as well as those of sound and
vision, via a
communication link has attracted a lot of attention. Applications
include remote
surgery, fabric recognition - and even the ability to =91feel=92 your new=
entering the showroom!!

The technology for tactile recognition is in its infancy. Demonstrators
commercial displays have been made, but these remain crude, and
first generation products. This colloquium will address all the latest
in this rapidly expanding field, and anyone who wishes to contribute
to the meeting
should, in the first instance, send a 100-200 word abstract to the
organiser, Dr
David Wood, at the address below.

School of Engineering, University of Durham, South Road, Durham
DH1 3LE. Tel:
0191 374 2564. Fax: 0191 374 7492. email:
Contributions by 30 September, 1996.

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