Blind Journalists Group Forming

From: Bryan Bashin (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 21:34:49 PDT


For the first time ever, a number of blind professional
journalists are linking together to form an interest group.

Currently we're composed of blind newspaper writers, magazine
freelancers, journalism instructors, journalism students,
authors, and professionals in public information.

We're looking for new members who are either working journalists,
public information officers, or those with a serious professional
interest in working in those disciplines.

In upcoming months, we intend to set up a means for us to
exchange ideas and techniques for the working journalism
professional. Possibilities include our own listserv,
conferences, and a full meeting in July, 1997 during the National
Federation of the Blind's annual convention in New Orleans.

If you are a blind professional journalist, or aspire to be one,
feel free to contact either of the group's leaders listed below.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Bryan Bashin
(916) 441-4096

Elizabeth Campbell
(817) 738-0350


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