Good News for Jim Willows

From: Bryan Bashin (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 22:03:03 PDT


NFB of California President Jim Willows returned home from the hospital
today, after surviving a close brush with an abdominal aneurism.

"I feel just great," he said. Although he claimed he wasn't counting, he
was quick to point out he was in hospital 42 days and 22 hours.

Jim thanks the many well-wishers who kept the cards and e-mails coming
during the long siege. He'll be back at work next week and will begin to
reply to the mountain of e-mail still waiting.

To add to the mountain, simply write to

Or make arrangements to visit with Jim in person at the upcoming NFB of
California state convention, to be held in Oakland from October 31st to
November 3rd.

Your support of Jim and his family over the past six weeks has
demonstrated the close and loving community which many, including Jim,
have helped to build.

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