Where is emacsspeak?

From: Dave (helkenn@linkabit.titan.com)
Date: Fri Oct 04 1996 - 08:27:21 PDT

   I read in the September, 1996 issue of Scientific America about T. V.
Raman and his emacsspeak. The article was a profile of the man and was
written by W. A. Gibbs. The article mentioned that emacsspeak (a
derivitive of FSF's emacs) that it was available from the Internet, but
neglected to give the URL or FTP address. I would like to try this
software, so if anyone can direct me to the right place, I'd appreciate it.
Also, if anyone has had experience using it, your comments would also be
appreciated. Reply via this forum, or to my e-mail address. Thanks...

                Dave Helkenn

e-mail: helkenn@linkabit.titan.com

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