Re: Where is emacsspeak?

From: Jim Rebman (
Date: Fri Oct 04 1996 - 12:17:29 PDT

Dave writes:

> I read in the September, 1996 issue of Scientific America about T. V.
> Raman and his emacsspeak. The article was a profile of the man and was
> written by W. A. Gibbs. The article mentioned that emacsspeak (a
> derivitive of FSF's emacs) that it was available from the Internet, but
> neglected to give the URL or FTP address. I would like to try this
> software, so if anyone can direct me to the right place, I'd appreciate it.


Go to,
and you will find all the information you need. Technically speaking,
EMACSpeak is not a derivative of EMACS, but rather is built on top of it
using its lisp-like programming language. You will need a DEC Express,
multivoice or other serial dectalk, or the software dectalk running on
the DEC Alpha, in order to use EMACSpeak. In other words, you can't use
a DEC PC (at this time), or any other non-DECtalk speech synthesizer with
this system.

> Also, if anyone has had experience using it, your comments would also be
> appreciated. Reply via this forum, or to my e-mail address. Thanks...

I was fortunate enough to get a 3-hour demonstration of EMACSpeak and
ASTER from Raman at CSUN this past spring, and I have to say that I was
very impressed. It reads c source code like a well-trained human reader,
and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have just completed
installation of linux on my system, and within the next week (depending
on the availability of a reader), I will have EMACSpeak up and running on
my machine. The learning curve is steep, but the results are well worth
the effort. I also have a friend here in Denver who uses the system on a
daily basis, and he loves it.

Hope this helps some,

Jim Rebman <>

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