I need a hand

From: Joel S. Zimba (jzimba@cs.wvu.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 20 1996 - 07:12:42 PST

Hi guys,
        I havea bit of a problem. I just got this job with
Lockheed Martin federal systems in Gathersburg md. that isn't the problem.
I'm tickled pink.
        The problem is that their development platform is completely unix based. Not just unix, but xwindows based.
Now I know the following things.
        there is no commercial grade screenreader for X out there!
Ultrasonix is in its infancy, and I could probably get someone to let me put it
on a sun sparc at the office and see how well it works, but I am not expecting it to be the ultimate solution.
        2. there is one! and only one screenreader which claims to work with an
X emulator that being protalk32 for windows nt running with Xcursion.
I've never seen pt32 work, and I certainly don't know anything about xcursion, but that is a possibility.
        Now, I did once fire up an X emulator on my pc and ran jaws with it,
but since my pc isn't on the internet, I coulden't connect to a running unix box and run X applications.

So I coulden't tell how well it would work. the only thing i knew is that I didn't get a gpf.

        So I need help! Who out there has used Xwindows with a screenreader! Someone in this country has had to have done this right?
I can't be the first person to be hired to program in c++ on a unix machine can I?

let me hear from you guys!!!


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