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From: Brian Buhrow (
Date: Wed Nov 20 1996 - 19:23:45 PST

        I strongly encourage you to look at emacspeak as well. If you have a Dectalk PC
and you are willing to run NetBSD on your PC, I have a driver for the
Dectalk PC which will work with emacspeak. Otherwise, you can use an
external Dectalk Express through one of the serial ports. I should
eventually have the driver working under Linux, but NetBSD is where it
began, and time constraints have limited my development time.

Hope this helps.

On Nov 20, 8:23am, Joel S. Zimba wrote:
} Subject: I need a hand
} Hi guys,
} I havea bit of a problem. I just got this job with
} Lockheed Martin federal systems in Gathersburg md. that isn't the problem.
} I'm tickled pink.
} The problem is that their development platform is completely unix based. Not just unix, but xwindows based.
} Now I know the following things.
} there is no commercial grade screenreader for X out there!
} Ultrasonix is in its infancy, and I could probably get someone to let me put it
} on a sun sparc at the office and see how well it works, but I am not expecting it to be the ultimate solution.
} 2. there is one! and only one screenreader which claims to work with an
} X emulator that being protalk32 for windows nt running with Xcursion.
} I've never seen pt32 work, and I certainly don't know anything about xcursion, but that is a possibility.
} Now, I did once fire up an X emulator on my pc and ran jaws with it,
} but since my pc isn't on the internet, I coulden't connect to a running unix box and run X applications.
} So I coulden't tell how well it would work. the only thing i knew is that I didn't get a gpf.
} So I need help! Who out there has used Xwindows with a screenreader! Someone in this country has had to have done this right?
} I can't be the first person to be hired to program in c++ on a unix machine can I?
} let me hear from you guys!!!
} Joel
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