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From: Curtis Chong (
Date: Sun Nov 24 1996 - 08:37:46 PST


In Bloomington, Minnesota, at the east end of the Mall of
America, on the third floor, next to an ATM machine, near the
Copy Center, you will find a job information kiosk. In addition
to listing information about jobs at the Mall of America, the
kiosk also contains job ads from the St. Paul Pioneer Press and
other information.

The unique thing about this particular kiosk is that it is
completely accessible to someone who is blind. It has a keyboard,
a touch screen, DECTalk synthesized speech, and digitized speech
for the initial prompt. All you have to do in order to use it is
to walk up and touch the screen. The kiosk will walk you through
the rest of it.

This is the first ever public job information kiosk in the United
States providing information to the blind. I think that some
blind people will want to find time to visit the mall and try out
the unit. It's not perfect--not by any means. But the designers
from Intuitive Solutions, working cooperatively with the Trace
Research Center and the National Federation of the Blind, want to
hear from people about how well it works and what could be done
to improve the kios's usefulness to the blind.

If you want more information about this positive work, you can
send me e-mail (, call me during evening hours
at 612-379-3493, or contact Truman Porter of Intuitive Solutions.
His number during the day is 612-891-1660.


Curtis Chong

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