Need help with learning nemeth code

From: Jim Rebman (
Date: Wed Jan 01 1997 - 11:03:42 PST

Hello, and happy new year to all.

I will be returning to school on the 13th, and I will be taking a math
course, and I need a crash course in nemeth code (if there is such a

I just need to get a handle on the basics (I already understand that the
numbers are dropped) such as:

basic operators
use of parentheses and brackets and set operators
superscripts and subscripts
conventions for letters (eg. greek letters vs. variables)
and a general idea of how to work with constructing and manipulating
equations on a brailler (I just got a brailler a couple of weeks ago),
and anything else thaat I might have missed. I will be taking a course
that will begin with algebra and work up to logarithms and trigonometry.
I decided to take this course for review and practice as this is the
first time I will be dealing with mathematics as a blind person. Any
other hints as to how to work with the teacher, take notes, and tests
will be much appreciated (I will be printing out my homework with TeX).
I have decided that I definately want to use braille as my main tool for
working with mathematics.

Thanks for any help anybody can give -- I am getting a little desperate here.

-- Jim Rebman <>

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