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Here is more news on Pedro Zurita.

Curtis Chong

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Hi Mr Chong:

        I'm a very close friend of Pedor. He has been my first english teacher
when I was 13. I'm right now 37 and I'm also involved in tech blind affairs
since I'm blind also and a member of the Spnasih Blind Organisation. I've
been a member of the EBU Tech comision back in 92 and I'm a very close
friend of Deane Blazie who was probably the one that informed Mr Snaider

        It is of course a very terrible loss but I think he's going to recover and
survive. The first 48 ours were important. I've been to the hospital just a
couple of ours ago and doctors said that he is very bad but they do not
have to operate. They said that the only thing they can do for the moment
is just wait until he recovers the conscience and then.....??? The main
question is to know wether he's going to be the same. He has a very bad
infection in the right side of his braim where the motoric system is
located so...

        I pray for his recovery.

        Well. The email address of Pedro is This is not a private
email for him so his secretaries are checking the email every our so you
may send your condolences there.
        You may send faxes to the president of the General Council of ONCE. The
postal address, fax and other data are written on our website There is information in english there so you may visit
the web.
        If you need me to keep you up to date, just let me know answering this

        Yours sincerely

        Enrique Varela Couceiro
        Phone +34 1 09 80 44 42

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