New NFB In Computer Science List

Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 20:05:57 PDT


Please forward the following announcement to the Science and Engineering
list, and any others you feel would be appropriate on NFBCAL. It has
already been sent to NFB-RD. Thanks in advance.

The National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science is proud to
announce that we are establishing, with the help of Dave Andrews, a new
internet list. The purpose of this list is to discuss issues
surrounding the access to computers by blind persons and to deal with
issues specific to our division.

There are three ways to participate:

1. Contact our Bulletin Board, NFBNET, by phone at 612-696-1975
    or telnet to Once at the main menu, go to message area

2. Join with others on this list using e-mail. Simply send a
    note to with one line containing

    subscribe nfbcs

    and an automatic response will be sent to you, verifying that your
    subscription request was received. each message to the list will
    then be sent to your address.

3. If you would rather receive this list in digest form, this
    means that messages are combined and sent as a single message each
    day, send a note to with the single line:

    subscribe nfbcs-d

    and a message of verification will be returned to you.

We look forward to sharing ideas and technical information with you on
this new list.

Steve Jacobson, vice-president
National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science (NFBCS)

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