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Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 11:27:58 PDT

The following article is from EE Times, August 12 edition, published
by CMP Publications. The web addressed cited is

                         IEEE unveils HTML library
                             By George Leopold
   WASHINGTON -- A searchable digital library compiled by the IEEE
   Computer Society here is being billed as the first of its kind to
   provide engineers with technical data in HTML format.
   The digital library supports online publishing of documents containing
   mathematical equations, the Society said. The library also allows
   users to search for documents on any standard Web browser without
   additional add-ins or plug-ins.
   The IEEE is offering a free-access period from now through Dec. 31.
   After that, all 17 of the Computer Society's periodicals and
   transactions from 1995 to the present will be available to
   members-only on an individual subscription basis.
   Using an application called DynaWeb, the library can display equations
   created in the DVI graphics format by converting the graphics into a
   format viewable by any Web browser. The digital library currently
   manages over a quarter-million images. The application converts
   Standard Generalized Markup Language into HTML for viewing, navigation
   and searching.

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