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Subject: Evaluation of Several Talking Scientific Calculators

I have just completed a 30-day evaluation of four stand-alone talking
scientific calculators and have constructed a chart comparing the various
features of these calculators and listing possible vendors if you choose to
make a purchase. (This two page chart is available on my website.) No one
calculator has everything for all people. You will need to assess your
needs or those of your student and make your choice based on your unique
situation. In the near future I will be adding my own personal comments and
those of my students. In addition, I hope to add comments from others. I
encourage you to write me with your comments (whether good or bad) so that
they may be shared. You make the choice of whether you wish to be named or
remain anonymous. As new products become available, I will try to evaluate
those as well and make additions to the chart.

At this time I would like to express my thanks to Maxi Aids and Independent
Living Aids, Inc. for graciously loaning me their products for this
evaluation. Next week I also plan to begin evaluating the ORION TI-34 which
Orbit Research has just introduced to the market.

Keep in mind that these are not talking graphing scientific calculators.

I have received many requests for this evaluation on and off the listserv,
so I would appreciate your sharing this information with anyone you think
may have an interest.

Try http://www.tsbvi.edu/math/calculators.htm#Scientific Calculators or
http://www.tsbvi.edu/math/ and then link to Talking Scientific Calculators

Susan A. Osterhaus, M.Ed.
Secondary Mathematics
Texas School for the Blind
 and Visually Impaired
1100 West 45th Street
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512)206-9305
E-mail: osterhaus_s@tsb1.tsbvi.edu
Home Page: http://www.tsbvi.edu/math

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