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Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 15:53:00 PDT

  I think audio math would be extremely challenging. I'd like to help if I
  I have two BA degrees, both with minors in math. The first degree is in
economics from San Diego State University. The minor in Math emphasized
  The second degree is in Computer Science with a math minor with emphasis
in numerical analysis. So, you can see, I have had to deal with all kinds
of math -- from simple algebraic expressions to complex integrals,
differentials and spline functions.
  However, I do *NOT* know the Nemoth Code. All my experience in math has
been with sighted readers.
  So, let me know what to do next. I'd like to how much time and for how
long, this project will take. An hour a day for 6 months or what?
  BTW, I use a pc Pentium 166 mHz machine with 32mB of RAM and Dectalk
internal speech synthesizer. I'm semi-literate in Windows95 (a) or (C).
Anythng else? Let me know.


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