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From: Dan Collins (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 14:06:17 PDT

New System for Raised Line Graphics

        Reprotronics Incorporated(800-948-8453), of New Jersey, has a new system
for raised line graphics. It is called the "Tactile Image Enhancer" and
retails for $995.
        The system is able to render extremely high fidelity, raised line replicas
of X - Y plots or schematics.
        The user simply obtains a conventional, black line version of whatever he
or she wants to draw on a piece of 8.5 inch by 11 inch "Flexi - Paper",
and runs it through the breadbox sized device. In about 12 seconds, the
user has a raised line version that is virtually indistinguishable from the
original. It is very impressive.
        There are only 3 minor inconveniences that this reviewer has noted;
First, the image enhancer raises all lines - which means that text and
numbers are raised as well. But this should not be a major concern since
most of us can usually figure out the small amount of raised text that is
present on plots or schematics. Second, the flexi - paper, which is
basically paper that has been impregnated with millions of 10 micron
diameter bubbles, costs about a dollar a page(though, I am told that it is
virtually indestructible). Third, unless you have a inkjet type printer to
generate your plots or schematics, you will need to photocopy the original
onto the flexi - paper before running it through the image enhancer. This
is because laser printers generate far too much heat for the flexi - paper
to withstand.
        With these caveats, the tactile image enhancer from Reprotronics is an
excellent solution to the problem of creating sensible plots and schematics.
        Reprotronics has an office in Clayton California. Their phone number is
        Reprotronics also makes thermal pens. These pens can be used in
conjunction with the flexi - paper for drawing by hand.

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