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From: John Miller (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 12:11:46 PDT

A lot of good things are coming on to the nfb-se web site.
Visit us at Thank you, thank you, thank you to
Brian Buhrow (machine administrator) and Jim Barber (web architect) for
pulling this
all together. Upcoming attractions to the web site are:
the text and possible real audio of several 1999 seminar speeches,
the titles of the Science and Engineering Braille Library,
etitles (some embosser ready engineering braille texts), and
some links or contact information for those hard to find products like
the sewell drawing kit. If you have any ideas for the web site, please
mail the list.
And also, anybody know how to register a web site with a search engine?
Take care fellow listers,

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