NEW BOOK: Art History Through Touch and Sound European Modernism 1900-1940

From: Robert Jaquiss (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 14:39:37 PDT


     I thought you would like to know about a new book that has just been
published. It is the first in a series called Art History Through Touch
and Sound. The title of the book is European Modernism 1900-1940. The
book is copublished by APH and Art Education for the Blind (AEB). The
book is a multimedia approach. It consists of some cassette tapes and a
book of drawings. The tapes explain the drawings and help people learn
how to interpret drawings. AEB has made copies of the book available to
all the regional libraries so you can borrow a copy at no charge. AEB is
planning more volumes in their series. I hope all of you can give this
book series a try. Call your local regional library and ask to borrow it.
Have a great day.

        Robert Jaquiss

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