letters to mswish@microsoft.com

From: John Miller (jmiller@ucsd.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 02:11:16 PDT

I have been in correspondence with Janice Hertz at Microsoft about the
inaccessability of the
Microsoft Office equation editor.
Please write letters to mswish@microsoft.com explaining
how the lack of access to mathematics access in Microsoft Office affects your
education or work.
If you can represent yourself as an employee of a corporation with whom
Microsoft does business, this will give your letter
more weight.

The outcome we desire is that a committed effort be taken to export
Microsoft Office files
containing mathematics into latex version 2E and for the future, MathML.
In addition, an equation editor accessible to the blind would allow us
to co-author mathematic documents side by side with our sighted peers and
without sighted assistence.
Please CC your letters to me (jmiller@ucsd.edu).
Thank you,
* John Miller *
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