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From: John Miller (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 02:21:38 PST

Finally, finally, I have added those of you who gave me your e-mail
addresses at national convention.
Please take a few moments and write about yourself, your interests, and
what you are doing that has to do with science and engineering.
I think my favorites are hearing about technical hobbies.

We are using new listserv software. It appears each of us has a password.
If you mess with the listserv it will ask you to change your password.
Just don't share your password with others, it seems the password adds no
clear decisive benefit to someone,
it's just something the listserv software tells you about so ignore it for now.
To post, send an e-mail as always to
If you are having problems, send me a note at

My son's first grade teacher said she can read my handwritten notes just fine.
How exciting! I think I would get a "wow!" sticker if I was to take first
grade over now.
I do plan to brush up on my writing skills over the winter holidays.
And before I send notes in to school I have Collin read them.
If he can't make it out then I know I am getting sloppy.
My second reason is I figure the teacher can always ask him just what his
dad was trying to write
and he can decipher it for his teacher.
Anyway I am glad to report my writing is clear and those who need to
get the message are getting it loud and clear.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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