Re: tell us how you are doing!

From: Ed Meskys (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 03:33:25 PST

Hi--Ed Meskys here. I am 65 years old (in a few months) and while sighted
received an MS in physics from St. Johns U in NYC. My first job was at
Livermore Radiation Lab 62-65. Took a job teaching physics and astronomy at
a small college in NH, Belknap College, and worked up to chair of a 5 man
department. Became blind 1971 and continued teaching until college went
belly-up after rehab at Carroll Center in Mass. Since then had vaious part
time and temporary teaching jobs and did individual tutoring of science and
math from junior HS thru junior college level. This included 1.5 years at
Spaulding Youth Center, what used to be called a reform school where they
used Skinner's behavior modification on emotionally disturbed adolescents.
There I did curriculum development and tutored and tested individual
students. I had never studied psychology in college and learned a lot while
Today all myy energy goes into my hobby, publishing an amateur magazine
ABOUT science fiction, plus volunteer work for NFB and Lions. I have one
son, Stanley, who works in computer network maintenance in Rochester NY.
Best, Ed Meskys

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