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Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 05:54:18 PST


     I am Robert Jaquiss, the treasurer for our division. I am now employed
at the National Center doing programming in the Technology department. My
interests are in tactile graphics and Rapid Prototyping (The making of three
dimensional models). I believe these will be of breat use to the blind. My
contact information is:

Robert S. Jaquiss
218 N. Charles
Apartment 1503
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: (410) 659-9314 Ext. 414 (Work)
       (410) 385-2385 (Home)

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> Hello,
> Finally, finally, I have added those of you who gave me your e-mail
> addresses at national convention.
> Please take a few moments and write about yourself, your interests, and
> what you are doing that has to do with science and engineering.
> I think my favorites are hearing about technical hobbies.
> We are using new listserv software. It appears each of us has a password.
> If you mess with the listserv it will ask you to change your password.
> Just don't share your password with others, it seems the password adds no
> clear decisive benefit to someone,
> it's just something the listserv software tells you about so ignore it for
> To post, send an e-mail as always to
> If you are having problems, send me a note at
> My son's first grade teacher said she can read my handwritten notes just
> How exciting! I think I would get a "wow!" sticker if I was to take first
> grade over now.
> I do plan to brush up on my writing skills over the winter holidays.
> And before I send notes in to school I have Collin read them.
> If he can't make it out then I know I am getting sloppy.
> My second reason is I figure the teacher can always ask him just what his
> dad was trying to write
> and he can decipher it for his teacher.
> Anyway I am glad to report my writing is clear and those who need to
> get the message are getting it loud and clear.
> Happy Thanksgiving!
> John
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