From: Lloyd G. Rasmussen (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 13:42:29 PST

If you are curious about the mathematics markup language, a Worldwide Web
Consortium Candidate Recommendation, it is time to go to
and look around. The tools are not really there, nor really ready for
prime time, but for anyone who is interested in how math might be
communicated, displayed, and translated into braille or speech, there is a
lot to read and to grok.

If any of you do check this out, I'd be happy to talk with you further
about it. In particular, we intend for our NISO digital talking book
standard, under development at
to allow for inclusion of math expressions. But we haven't fully specified
the inclusion mechanism yet, nor expect any compatible players to process
mathML material in the near future.

Braille is the solution to the digital divide.
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