Re: experimental measurement methods for the blind chemist

From: Cary Supalo (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 12:13:58 PST

Hello list,
My name is Cary Supali, and I am a totally blind graduate student at
Pennstate University working on my doctoret in chemistry.
There are ways to do wetchemistry independently, but there are some aspects
of it that I haven't been able to quite figure out myself.
For example, a talking balance can be set up to allow you to determine
moler concentrations gravametricly. Talking thermometers can also be used
to detect boiling points assuming you knew the theroredical boiling point
before you began. Also, if you have access to a Braille and Speak, or some
similar Freedom Scientific note-taking device, you can interface that
device threw an Rs232 port on a piece of lab equipment like a balance, Ph
meter, IR spectrometer, and a number of other things and get audio feedback
and it will even read the numbers displayed on the screen of the device.
Also, Braille labeling of chemical vials, and being very organized when
conducting experiments is very important also. Some times, it is helpful
to have a reader assist you in reading research papers that are nto
available on-line. I hope this helps
Cary SupaloAt 10:46 AM 3/23/01 -0800, John Miller wrote:
>Jennifer Schiffelbein is looking to enroll in a graduate chemical
>engineering program.
>She asks to hear from all of you about how to do lab bench work
>I'm not talking about getting through a pesky course requirement, but how
>to work as a research assistant pulling your own weight in the lab.
>So brush off your I remember being in a lab class days, or pull down from
>the shelf your lab measuring tools,
>and tell the list how you do lab work.
>And if you are on good terms with blind chemists, tell me where to turn.
>John Miller
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