Re: experimental measurement methods for the blind chemist

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Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 17:41:58 PST

Seems to me also that SFB Products had an acid-resistent probe for its
"Say-when" liquid-level indicator. Betchya it wouldn't stand
hydrofluoric acid, though. (grin)

Mike Freeman

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> Hello list,
> My name is Cary Supali, and I am a totally blind graduate student at
> Pennstate University working on my doctoret in chemistry.
> There are ways to do wetchemistry independently, but there are some
> of it that I haven't been able to quite figure out myself.
> For example, a talking balance can be set up to allow you to determine
> moler concentrations gravametricly. Talking thermometers can also be
> to detect boiling points assuming you knew the theroredical boiling
> before you began. Also, if you have access to a Braille and Speak, or
> similar Freedom Scientific note-taking device, you can interface that
> device threw an Rs232 port on a piece of lab equipment like a balance,
> meter, IR spectrometer, and a number of other things and get audio
> and it will even read the numbers displayed on the screen of the
> Also, Braille labeling of chemical vials, and being very organized
> conducting experiments is very important also. Some times, it is
> to have a reader assist you in reading research papers that are nto
> available on-line. I hope this helps
> Cary SupaloAt 10:46 AM 3/23/01 -0800, John Miller wrote:
> >Hello,
> >Jennifer Schiffelbein is looking to enroll in a graduate chemical
> >engineering program.
> >She asks to hear from all of you about how to do lab bench work
> independently.
> >I'm not talking about getting through a pesky course requirement, but
> >to work as a research assistant pulling your own weight in the lab.
> >So brush off your I remember being in a lab class days, or pull down
> >the shelf your lab measuring tools,
> >and tell the list how you do lab work.
> >And if you are on good terms with blind chemists, tell me where to
> >Regards,
> >John Miller
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