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From: Elizabeth Phillips (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 23:11:18 PDT

                        Hi, everyone! My name is Elizabeth Phillips, and I am a new member in
the Science and Engineering Division. I am totally blind and have a guide
dog named Bonds-- I promise I didn't name him. I will be a freshman in
college next year, and hope to study physics- something I live every day-
and bioethics along with many other things. Bioethicists help set
standards and change policies for controversial issues such as abortion,
cloning, embryo stem cell research, the right to die, and who should
receive organ donations (there are other examples too, such as what to do
with Peter Singer). I hope to make a contribution in both of these fields.
My greatest ambition is to understand the world arround me and discover
something new. I'm excited to belong to this division, because I know I
will learn a lot from you, and share what I can with you. This list will
be very helpful to me as I pursue my goals in college. I'm looking forward
to hearing from all of you.

Elizabeth Phillips

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