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Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 17:11:07 PDT

Hi, Sharon!

Glad you wrote to Ms. Philips. I intend also to do so, especially as I
hold an M.S. in physics. (grin)

Your note caused me to ask a question which has been on my mind for some
time: are you the author of the book (available thru NLS) on the
history of decryption efforts in the South and Southwest Pacific during
WW2? Great book!


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> Hi Elizabeth,
> I am glad that you joined the Science and Engineering Division of the
> Al has enjoyed this Division for many years. Hope you enjoyed the
> convention. I was glad that we spent some time together.
> Enjoy the rest of the summer. Good luck in college.
> Sharon
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> > Hi, everyone! My name is Elizabeth Phillips, and I am a new member
> > the Science and Engineering Division. I am totally blind and have a
> > dog named Bonds-- I promise I didn't name him. I will be a freshman
> > college next year, and hope to study physics- something I live every
> > and bioethics along with many other things. Bioethicists help set
> > standards and change policies for controversial issues such as
> > cloning, embryo stem cell research, the right to die, and who should
> > receive organ donations (there are other examples too, such as what
to do
> > with Peter Singer). I hope to make a contribution in both of these
> > My greatest ambition is to understand the world arround me and
> > something new. I'm excited to belong to this division, because I
know I
> > will learn a lot from you, and share what I can with you. This
> will
> > be very helpful to me as I pursue my goals in college. I'm looking
> forward
> > to hearing from all of you.
> >
> > Elizabeth Phillips
> >
> >

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